We are seeing a steady price increase in all inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean for spring break.

But once summer hits, the prices drop and so does the beat. The nightlife is popping in Cancun, Punta Cana and Jamaica.

It’s never hard finding a spot on the beach and now even more activities are bringing people down to explore a tropical ecosystem. 30% off and credit up to $3000 for spa or excursions? I’ll take it.

The excursions are what gets my excitement levels raised. Here are a few suggestions:


images (1)Chichen Itza guided tour with luxurious transportation, a meal on the bus there, drinks served throughout the trip

It’s a dream to finally arrive at the famous Mayan capital. Walk up to the 75 foot Kukulcan temple and journey up the 365 stairs and ponder the next year, one step for every day!

Perhaps your heart requires pumping from the zip lines, plunging across 580 feet of land down into an underground river where you can snorkel or scuba.

Take a quad through through the trails following your guide to eat lunch in the lush forest, returning to your resort and laying out by the pool.



Shdownloadare kisses and cuddles with the friendly dolphins and interact with these sea lovers or swim and catch a ride on their fins! They love humans and this is such a great experience.

Grab your bathing suit and slip away to the secret river, exploring stalagmites and stalactites, the crystal blue waters are filled with fish who help dry cracking skin become beautifully soft in this all natural spa.



The possibilities are endless at Barcelo Resorts!