download (1) Rediscover your wellness and get comfortable.


Taking that yoga class or jumping on the treadmill at the gym has you tired and now you can’t wait to get into the spa.

Start by getting into a plush white robe, so warm and relaxing.


Then take a seat, have some champagne and strawberries.

Soak your feet in a bath of rose petals while you listen to the waves of the ocean. After your pedicure, you unrobe for your deep tissue massage and your green tea body wrap.

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Who knew mud could feel so good when taking a bath in it?

Finding your authentic beauty is the goal and you’re well on your way.


After rinsing in the warm shower, your salt scrub is ready to be applied to your skin, scraping away the dry skin and rejuvenating your skin cells, leaving you silky smooth as the day you were born.


You can finally close your eyes and exhale!

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Taking time for yourself is so important when you are a busy, busy bee. Don’t let yourself believe you are not worth it… Because you are! Love the skin you’re in!


After you have sat in the hot or cold tub and the thermal pool, find a private cabin and order your afternoon meal.

The spa day is a great time, but on a Barcelo beach – – it’s perfect!