All Inclusive is the Whole Package when you are staying at a Barcelo hotel located on the golf course!

Score cards are left behind, unless you’re competing with your wife’s best friend’s husband and he says he scores birdie’s in his sleep. Take your tees and get to the bottom of it, challenging yourself and him to a swing off – and don’t let him talk you into that mulligan!

You have an upper hand, because you’ve played here with your wife before… but he’s got a swing like a young golden gloves playing through your debate on hole two. The layout is just as you expected, the divots are filled in from last years club mishap with your driver and you’re able to make that hard shot thats eluded you for the past 2 years…

With all this insider information of the course, you’re bound to win before you find your ladies at the beach for an afternoon dip to cool off. The sun never felt so good and the margarita never tasted so sweet, this is what winning feels like and for once you rate your trip above par while he is hitting snowmen!

golf2Off to dinner where the lamb is melting in your mouth, the mashed potatoes are out of this world, and dessert makes you feel like a teenager again. Vacation at it’s best.

In the morning you’re at it again. Back to the course but this time you play doubles. You’re wife helps because she is a little better than her friend that doesn’t play at all. This gets the other guy swinging off his game, but you’re all able to get pass a 2 – 0 back to back win, as soon as he takes advantage of the top shelf drinks in the evening.


The Whole vacation turns into a Hole in One and you have plenty of good times and memories to agree to a rematch next year!